IOM Calls on spiritual Leaders to Continue Exerting Efforts against Irregular Migration

International Organization for Migration (IOM) has known as on spiritual leaders to continue exerting efforts in preventing irregular migration.

Addressing the National spiritual Leaders informative Workshop on Irregular Migration and Trafficking in Persons control these days, Migration Management Unit Project Manager at IOM Yves Hatungimana same spiritual leaders play vital role in reaching community members.

“In our engagement with community members at grass root levels, field reports indicate that community engagements, particularly our grass roots community spoken language teams wherever spiritual leaders take active role became terribly victorious in mobilizing the community to know higher the consequence of irregular migration,” he explained.

According to Hatungimana, these activities have contributed to realize behavior changes on extralegal migration and provided forum to explore keep alternatives reception.

The manager has thus known as on spiritual leaders and stakeholders to continue taking proactive measures to succeed in out the communities to create well enlightened choices on irregular migration.

IOM National Program Officer Liyunet Demsis stressed on the general public participation, particularly the agricultural community’s awareness on irregular migration that she same "is increasing and families and non secular fathers area unit enjoying a giant role."

According to her, the amount of irregular migrants in SNNP regional state has declined from twenty,000 to 13,000 on the average in 2016.

She conjointly expressed that spiritual leaders and alternative stakeholders ought to continue operating to elucidate the risks of irregular migration by making awareness among the community.

Board Chairman of lay spiritual Council of Abyssinia, Nebureid Elias Abrha same the council is functioning on awareness creation and community participation against irregular migration.

The one-day informative workshop is aimed toward making common understanding on irregular migration and strengthening the cooperation of stakeholders to boost the movement against irregular migration.

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