More than one hundred ten Refugees Depart for Italia through Humanitarian passageway Program

Some 113 refugees of African nation, African country and South Sudan left for Italia these days to start out a permanent new life.

A total of five hundred refugees living in African country can take pleasure in the Italian Humanitarian passageway Program by the top of Nov 2018, representatives of the program aforementioned.

At a joint press informing the representatives of the Humanitarian passageway Program aforementioned promoting international community-based migration intervention is very important to reduce the impacts of outlaw migration.

According to the representatives, policies and comes geared toward fighting poorness and supporting refugees area unit necessary for property and peaceful beingness.

The refugees UN agency left for Italia can be a part of the twenty five sent by the program therein country earlier.

Deputy Director for Administration for exile and Returnee Affairs (ARRA), Zeynu Jemal aforementioned the worldwide community-based approach is among solutions in preventing outlaw migration and human trafficking.

He conjointly aforementioned African country and Italia are implementing varied programs to boost the lives of refugees and to safeguard migration, adding that the Humanitarian passageway Program is one among the examples showing the commitment of the Italian government in supporting Ethiopia’s migration management activities.

Zeynu noted that the Ethiopian government welcomes similar initiatives as sign of increased commitment and burden sharing to alleviate the plight of refugees.


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