In a continent dominated by WhatsApp, Ethiopia prefers message

In a recent survey of social media use in continent, WhatsApp—and its Facebook-owned sister app Messenger—was topped the king of apps in continent.

All apart from one country: Ethiopia.

The Horn of continent nation, joined by Asian nation and Asian nation globally, stood out because the solely nation wherever message was a lot of well-liked than the other app. The ranking was supported knowledge collated from the Google Play store for every country by Dec. 2017.

Telegram has two hundred million users worldwide, compared with regarding one billion WhatsApp users. It’s on track to lift regarding $2 billion, primarily through associate initial coin providing.

So why is message well-liked in Ethiopia? It’s not in real time clear why the electronic communication service has emerged because the favorite various to WhatsApp or traveler, however a couple of reasons provide clues to its dominance.



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